Hurricanes, floods and other disasters are happening more frequently.  When our neighbors around the world experience these unforeseen circumstances, we can make the road to recovery easier with CWS Cleanup Buckets.  These buckets are full of essential home recovery supplies that are needed after a disaster strikes.  

When people are forced to abruptly leave their homes because of emergencies, they may not have time to pack the things they use on a daily basis like toothbrushes or soap.  But after a few days without these items, they definitely miss them.  Hygiene kits offer a refreshing daily boost for someone when supplies are hard to come by.

FEMA is requesting more disaster kits, particularly hygiene kits and cleanup buckets.  The stockpile of kits/buckets at CWS warehouses is extremely low.   Having those kits available for immediate distribution has helped those in need and allowed everyone to respond quickly. 

Would you like to help provide much needed disaster kits/buckets? If yes, your financial donation can be sent to:  Sharon Brock, PW Treasurer, 3064 Valley Center RD, Monterey, VA  24465 by Sunday, September 18, 2022.  Make checks payable to Beulah PW and on the memo line write “CWS Kits”.